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G’day! It’s Lukas here and thank you for joining us at The Outdoor Educator. It means so much to me for you to join us and start taking action. It’s just the first step and you will hear me talk about this a lot but it’s all about taking action. There’s a great saying that I love and it is “Knowledge isn’t power – Action is power” and you’ve already taken the action, so we are well on our way.

It also means so much to me because it is our mission, not just to improve your understanding of sustainable practices and engaging with nature, but we also want to do it right across industries, across Australia and the world by deepening the understanding and gain enthusiasm for what it means to be part of this tribe – the revolution that we all need to be part of.

If you need to connect with me, your feedback is so valuable so then I can tailor the course as we go and meet your needs directly. If you have any challenges that you’re facing- we don’t have problems, we call them challenges- remember that. Any challenges that you are facing, please share with me. Connect on Facebook- there’s a link above this video and you’ll be able to go straight there, email me directly if you like then we’ll take action and meet your needs even more precisely.

I really look forward to you being a part of this journey and I feel so blessed for you to be part of it. Thanks so much!

And, don’t forget to join us on Facebook – our own members group page. 

Lukas Ritson

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