Risk and Play – Eclasses

EClass 1 – Risk and Play: Assessing Your Environment for Learning Value
• Freedom of Play
• Maximising learning opportunity and outcomes

EClass 2 – Risk and Play: Creating Belonging with Nature
• Forming relationships with the natural environment
• Garden play and forging the relationships with nature

EClass 3 – Risk and Play: Your Most Valuable Resources
• The value of resources and how to contribute to sustainable development
• Using recycled materials for loose parts play
• How to implement loose parts play

EClass 4 – Risk and Play: Why Get Risky with Risky Play
• Managing risk and sustainable development for children
• The evolution of risk in play
• Assessing the benefits of risk and play in your environment

EClass 5 – Risk and Play: Six Types of Risky Play – Part 1
• Understanding and supporting Playing at Height
• Playing at high speed – using tools
• Assessing your environment for height and speed play

EClass 6 – Risk and Play: Six Types of Risky Play – Part 2
• Understand risky play – dangerous elements, rough and tumble and secluded play
• Assessing dangerous elements in your environment

Lukas Ritson

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